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From Digital to Analog - Pens

Modeling software used: Altair Inspire Studio
© 2021 - Gunther Andree

I herewith show some renders of conceptual designs I made in Altair Inspire Studio.


A Positive Surprise

For many years I used SolidThinking Evolve, which is now evolved into Altair Inspire Studio. It took some getting used to because the interface has changed a lot. But fortunately, all the old commands are still there and many great features have been added! I am positively surprised how fast and easy Studio works.

Thea Render Engine

The built-in Thea Render engine is really great. It is now so easy to get an impression of what it will look like directly from your design. Altair Inspire Studio renders the image directly into your modeling window, it's literally one press of a button (the “6” on the keyboard). This also allows me to make much better design decisions.


Construction History

And if you do want to adjust something, the built-in Construction History makes it a piece of cake. Sometimes it doesn't calculate everything immediately, but then it's easy to find out where the hitch is. Studio indicates that very clearly in your 3D model. If you adjust the indicated source objects, everything works again like a charm. Many people are used to starting all over again in such cases, but that's really not necessary. I save a lot of time working in Studio and am able to generate lots of different concepts in no-time.

Once you get going you can't stop....

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