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KeyVR 10.2 - Connect and Augmented Reality

KeyVR 10.2 - Connect and Augmented Reality

The newest update for KeyVR, version 10.2, is officially available! With the addition of KeyVR Connect and Augmented Reality, it now offers even more possibilities for creating interactive product experiences.

New Features

KeyVR Connect
KeyVR Connect allows you to engage colleagues around the world, in the same virtual space, at the same time, leading to enhanced communication and increased time for collaborative design exploration. KeyVR use cases span the spectrum of the design pipeline, used for rapid design review, virtual stores, architectural presentations and more. KeyVR Connect includes the same features of KeyVR with options for you to host a session or join a session for machines connected on the same network as well as set up paths for automatic loading and sharing of scenes.

New Tools and Interface Capabilities

  • Augmented Reality – Augmented reality is here with the new XR Mode that replaces the scene environment with real-time camera imagery if available (supports Valve Index, Varjo XR product line and NVIDIA’s CloudXR 1.0 and 2.0 on desktop and mobile devices).
  • Measure Tool – The new Measure tool allows you to make any number of measurements in the scene and includes optional snapping.
  • Precise Move Objects – The new Precise Move Objects tool allows you to move objects with greater precision without accidental jittering and includes optional snapping.
  • Held Objects – You may now rotate objects in Precise or Regular Move Object mode with optional snapping. Objects held in Move Object mode will now remain in-hand while you fly, teleport, or switch cameras with the other controller.
  • Scene Units – Scene unit selection is now available for measurements and snapping.
  • Teleport Rotation – When you teleport from one location to another you may now rotate while teleporting by dragging a line.
  • Multiple Ground Levels - Define different levels through camera placement and stay aligned to the ground when teleporting in scenes with multiple floors.
  • Avatar Scaling – Scale your avatar between 1/1000x and 20x of their actual height. Useful to inspect smaller scenes in more detail or adjust scenes with incorrect scale on-the-fly.

Control and Accessibility Options

  • Confine to Environment - You may now confine the VR user to the scene's environment to prevent accidental escape.
  • Mouse Support - Support for using the mouse as a controller replacement when in VR mode is now available to allow remote controlling of VR experiences.
  • Controller Improvements - Rotation in fly mode has been changed from swipe to normal analog stick move or button press (depending on controller) to allow for faster turning. Controller vibration can now be toggled on or off.
  • Customizable Resolution – You now have a set of fully customizable graphics settings which include presets for Ultra, High, Medium, and Low.

Performance Optimizations and Licensing

  • Material Baking – New material baking allows KeyVR to support various material effects better, such as Labels, and caching provides for shorter load times.
  • NVIDIA VRS Support - Support for NVIDIA Variable Rate Shading (VRS) technology on supported GPUs provides improved performance while maintaining high visual fidelity.
  • Memory Optimization – Memory optimizations now allows KeyVR to load scenes with many more environments than before.
  • New Licensing Options – New options for Subscription, Floating, and Node-locked licenses are now available and delivered on Luxion’s new licensing system which allows automatic activation and removes the need for serial codes.


The KeyVR update is available for download immediately. KeyVR subscribers will also receive an update notification when they launch KeyVR. With a KeyVR subscription, customers receive all updates released throughout the year.

Try & Buy

You can try KeyVR without any obligation:

  • Download KeyVR 10.2
  • Install and start KeyVR
  • Submit your information
  • Submit the code LUXI-ONKE-YSHO-TTES-TING
  • Click "Save Request” (keyvr-request.txt will be saved to your Desktop)
  • Send this file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive your test license as soon as possible.

Convinced? KeyVR has a selling price of € 840,- excl. VAT per year and is available through our webshop.

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