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Altair launches Inspire Studio 2021!

Altair launches Inspire Studio 2021!

Altair has released the 2021 edition of their all-in-one industrial design solution Altair Inspire Studio.


  • Users with a valid license for Altair Inspire Studio (Industrial Designer Units) can download and install version 2021 free of charge through their account at Altair One Marketplace.
  • If you would like to try the software, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not forget to include your full contact details.
  • If you are convinced about Altair Inspire Studio, you can order the software through us.

Key Features of Altair Inspire Studio 2021

Inspire Studio is the solution for innovative designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. With unrivaled flexibility and precision, its unique construction history feature combined with multiple modeling techniques empowers users throughout the creative process. Key features of the 2021 release of Altair Inspire Studio are:


  • New Push/Push Tool
    Use the new Push/Pull tool to modify designs that do not have construction history freely. Push Pull allows you to move faces, changing the size or shape of your design.
  • Move Faces & Features
    Move Feature allows you to move faces, but also entire features (such as holes).
  • Push Pull

  • New Surface Intersect Tool
    The Surface Intersect and Make Manifold tools have been combined into a new Intersect tool with the following features:
    • Multi-output depending on the result of intersecting the input objects
    • Trimeshes are accepted as input objects
    • Automatic creation of solid bodies as output
    • Automatic removal of pieces inside solid bodies
    • Faces not in solid bodies can be optionally added as individual bodies
  • Trim / Split

  • New Split Tool
    You can now divide selected surfaces based on a selected trimming tool. You can choose which side to keep or keep both sides.
  • New Untrim Tool
    Use the new Untrim tool to restore a surface that has been trimmed.
  • Updates to Design Table
    • You can now include sketch dimensions in design tables.
    • You can now create multiple snapshot tables. You can set different values for variables in each table.
  • Design Table

  • Tool Name Changes
    • On the Curves tab, the Intersect tool has been renamed Split.
    • The old Split tool has been renamed Divide


  • New Mini Move Tool in PolyNURBS
    A new Mini Move tool is displayed when editing a PolyNURB. Use the Mini Move tool to move or scale the selected vertices, edges, or faces. For many cases, this eliminates the need to enter and exit the Move command while editing PolyNURBS.
  • polynurbs

  • New Create Polyline Tool (PolyNURBS)
    You can select points to create a polyline that consists of PolyNURBS edges, and then extrude the polyline to create a PolyNURBS body.
  • New Extract Polyline Tool (PolyNURBS)
    You can extract any object edge as a polyline. The polyline can be extruded as PolyNURBS face that can be edited into a PolyNURBS body.


  • New Mirror Tool (Sketching)
    You can mirror selected sketch objects around a selected centerline. The mirrored objects are constrained to maintain their size and position.
  • Constraint Legend for Sketching
    Next to the Control Panel, a legend is displayed indicating by color which sketch curves are Underdefined, Fully Defined, Over Constrained, Fixed, and Imported.
  • Sketch

  • Tool Name Change
    The Sketching tool Split has been renamed Divide.


  • Quick Render
    You now have options to Render and Render in Darkroom:
    • Render will process the image in the application without the overhead of loading Darkroom.
    • Render in Darkoom will send the image to Darkroom for processing (Render in Darkroom).

Die Design (Windows)

  • Draw Direction Calculated by Default
    When you select a part, the draw direction is calculated by default. You can still adjust the draw direction using the Set Draw Direction tool.
  • New Symmetry Tool
    You can now define symmetry boundary conditions before designing the die face.
  • Updated Binder Tool
    The Binder tool has been updated to support symmetric parts.
  • Updated Addendum Tool
    The Addendum tool has been updated to support symmetric parts.
  • New Bridge Tool
    You can now bridge two addendums or an addendum and a part.
  • New Matching Die Tool
    You can now use the Matching Die tool to create matching dies by offset.


  • In-Application User Assistance
    Prompts appear when you select a tool that opens a guide bar or microdialog. The text prompts you what to do next.
  • Online Help
    Press F1 or select File > Help > Help to view the online help.

Happy Modeling!

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