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Possible end for developer of Kubity

Possible end for developer of Kubity

2020 has been a tough year for SPK Technology, developer of the Mixed Reality SketchUp Extension Kubity PRO, with the possible result that it will cease to exist in 2021.

Because SPK Technology's revenues have decreased significantly in 2020, they have already said goodbye to several team members and their investment company has indicated that it will continue operations until the end of this year.

Partly due to the smaller team, new versions are being released more slowly and responses to support issues are also taking longer than usual. Nonetheless, the smaller team has managed to release some important updates in the recent period:

  • Support for SketchUp 2021 in Kubity
  • Support for Revit 2021 in RVT2SKP
  • Kubity GO update for Android 11
  • Kubity GO update for IOS 14

SPK Technology says it is still proud to develop this software and remains fully committed to providing the best possible service, highest quality and shortest possible delivery time. However, this commitment remains entirely dependent on finding a new investor before the end of 2021.

While waiting for a solution, we as distributor want to continue to support the software as long as possible. However, it is uncertain how long users will be able to enjoy the service. We will therefore keep a close eye on developments in order to inform you as soon as possible.

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