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KeyShot 10

KeyShot 10 officially released

Design8 is excited to announce the newest release of KeyShot, KeyShot version 10!

KeyShot 10 - New Features and Improvements

  • KeyFrame Animation
    The new Keyframe animation allows you to control geometry movement with sequences of keyframes for better control and more complex visuals.

  • Sun & Sky Day Arc Animation
    Create stunning sun and sky environment animations where the environment day time is animated. Watch sunlight kiss your designs over the day.

  • Environment Rotation Animation
    This animation allows customers to animate the rotation environment parameter. No need to rotate the object, see what environment changes do on your design.

  • Light Manager
    A new way to manage the lighting of your scene in a simple way before rendering.

  • Light Gizmos
    New light gizmos allow for better visualization in the Real-time View and Geometry View for Spotlights, IES Lights and Point Lights, which can now also be added through the edit menu.

  • Smart Export (KeyShot Pro)
    Smart Export is a collection of export functions that makes use of additional sub-features, such as UV Unwrapping and Baking to prepare an asset in KeyShot for use in AR, Mobile and 3D Print workflows. Specifically, the Smart Export in KeyShot 10 supports, USD, USDz, GLB, glTF and 3MF.

  • Twist Camera Animation
    KeyShot 10 adds extra possibilities to animate your camera for more dramatic effects.

  • Rendering Improvements
    KeyShot 10 offers updates to several rendering related features. These include updates to Denoiser, Caustics, and the addition of Automatic Firefly Removal (Image Styles).

Try & Buy

Click here to go to the KeyShot download section and give the new version of KeyShot a try! Convinced of the possibilities? Buy your (upgrade) license in our webshop today and you will be rendering with KeyShot 10 as soon as possible!

Click here for the most recent prices of KeyShot 10.

Happy Rendering!

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