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KeyShot 9

KeyShot 9 officially released

Design8 is excited to announce the newest release of KeyShot, KeyShot version 9!

KeyShot 9 - New Features and Improvements

  • GPU mode
    KeyShot 9 introduces the ability to utilize the full GPU power of NVIDIA RTX with OptiX. This means that if you have the right hardware, you can render lightning fast.

  • Denoise
    Eliminate noise in a rendering with just one click, significantly reducing rendering times.

  • RealCloth
    All-new way to create and control woven materials (with fibres!), bringing them even closer to reality than any scanned material definition.

  • Web Configurator
    The KeyShot Configurator has been moved to the browser so that people all over the world can evaluate product variants.

  • 3D Model Library
    New Model Library for adding 3D models with complete materials and textures to a scene. All 3D models are easily accessible via KeyShot Cloud and can be searched, filtered and added to any scene with a simple drag&drop.

Try & Buy

Click here to go to the KeyShot download section and give the new version of KeyShot a try! Convinced of the possibilities? Buy your (upgrade) license in our webshop today and you will be rendering with KeyShot 9 as soon as possible!

Click here for the most recent prices of KeyShot 9.

Happy Rendering!

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