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Altair launches Inspire Studio

Altair launches upgrade to solidThinking Evolve: Inspire Studio

Altair has officially launched their all-in-one industrial design solution Altair Inspire Studio.

Key Features

Inspire Studio (successor to solidThinking Evolve) is a new solution for innovative designers, architects and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. Key features of Inspire Studio include:

  • Construction History
    Automatically backtrack to an earlier stage of your design, reusing or modifying objects from past stages in real-time.
  • Surfaces and Curves
    Utilize Non-uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) curves and surfaces to accurately represent even the most complex shapes with flexibility and precision.
  • Sketching
    Create and edit constraint-based 2D technical sketches by easily applying geometric relationships between components.
  • PolyNURBS
    Combine the ease and simplicity of polygonal modeling with the precision and flexibility of NURBS to quickly create free-form solid geometry that is smooth and continuous.
  • Rendering and Animation
    Create high-quality rendered images and animations with physically-based, global-illumination engine in biased photorealistic, unbiased and Presto interactive modes.
  • Tool Belts
    Access the most common tools for 3D modeling, sketching and PolyNURBS right from the graphics area in one click. Tool Belts may be customized to meet specific needs.

What's New

Inspire Studio offers an impressive number of improvements compared to solidThinking Evolve:

  • License is now Floating
    • You can now use Altair Inspire Studio on multiple machines by simply logging in.
  • User Interface
    • Completely New, redesigned Interface. Beautiful, more intuitive and in line with all the other Inspire products.
    • Object Grid - Instantly see and change status of any object (hidden, rendered, throws shadow, …).
    • Tool Belt - All the tools you need or use frequently projected around your cursor.
    • New interface elements for entering numerical values, options and objects.
  • Sketching & Constraints
    • A completely new way to set up your model. Use a 2D Sketch as a base for a fully parametric object. Constrain curves in the sketch, project 3D geometry into a Sketch. Designers who are familiar using e.g. SolidWorks will love this!
  • Other tools
    • Twist tool now accepts multiple objects.
    • Paste with History - select objects and sketches and copy/paste an exact, editable object. Particularly useful when using the Select Source Objects tool.
  • Polygonal Modeling
    • Make Selection Groups to easily adjust a group of polygons later on in the design process.
    • Extract Groups of Faces into new object.
    • Hide Faces for better visibility while editing.
    • Automatically wrap objects using PolyNURBS.
    • Automatic Symmetry. Model in sync when and where you want.
  • Rendering
    • Objects now automatically receive and drop shadows on a floor.
    • Dark Room: relight, compare, edit image settings.
    • Continue modelling while rendering.
    • Have more machines help rendering with yours (network rendering).
    • Resize Thumbnail Previews in Render Library.
    • Instance tool updated to be able to paint randomized objects. Ideal for filling areas with e.g. grass, lots of tables/chairs, fluffy rugs, ...
  • Attention
    • Technical Drawing mode will be released in a future update!
    • Evolve files can be opened but without history. You may continue using Evolve to edit old projects.


Click here to request your 15 days free trial of Altair Inspire and see for yourself why this application should not be missing in your 3d toolbox.

If you are convinced of Altair Inspire Studio, you can order the software through us. Until December 31, 2019 we offer Altair Inspire Studio at an incredibly affordable price:

Annual License - Until December 31, 2019

• Regular price
• Introduction price for new users
• Introduction price for users of solidThinking Evolve *


€ 750,-
€ 499,-
€ 400,-


Order Now
Order Now

* Please contact us for the possibilities, ordering of a multiple year license is possible.

Happy Modeling!

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