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Nieuw op bij Design8 bv: Laubwerk 3D Bomen en Planten

New at Design8 bv: Laubwerk 3D Trees and Plants

New at Design8 bv are the realistic 3D Plant and Tree Libraries by Laubwerk!

Laubwerk is an easy to use extension for (landscape/garden) architects and CG artists who are looking for realistic 3D plants. Using Laubwerk is very simple: drag the desired plant, shrub or tree into the scene and then adjust the parameters shape, age, season and level of detail! Laubwerk is compatible with SketchUp Pro 2017 or higher and works in conjunction with the render Extension V-Ray for SketchUp or Thea for SketchUp. It also works with 3ds Max (2013 or higher) + V-Ray for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and Houdini.

Why Laubwerk?

Laubwerk isn't just a library. Each kit contains 10 types of plants, trees or shrubs, each with 36 different variations (3 variations, 3 ages and 4 seasonal variations), so you can combine endlessly. The objects are very high quality because they are made with high-poly leaf photos of different colors and translucency. Because Laubwerk works closely with biologists and CG experts, all objects have a true-to-life representation in your scene. Kits vary from deciduous trees to coniferous trees and from shrubs to palm trees.

Read more about Laubwerk.


Laubwerk can be downloaded as a demo kit here, so you could try out 5 different sorts of vegetation. The advice selling price is € 149,- excl. VAT per kit.

Click here for a list of resellers who can be of excellent service to you with the purchase of Laubwerk.

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