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 SU Podium v2.6 Plus with HDRI and Browser

SU Podium v2.6 Plus with HDRI and Browser

As of today the newest version of SU Podium is available, version 2.6! This new version is a paid upgrade for existing users, who will get some new features in return.

New features

SU Podium V2.6 offers the user the following new features:

  • Compatible with the latest version of SketchUp Pro, 2019 M2;
  • Integrated Podium Browser Paid Content for access to 20,000+ high quality, ready-to-use 3D SketchUp models;
  • Completely overhauled Podium Browser v3 interface;
  • HDR image-based lighting: Use an HDRI image for illumination and background of your render;
  • Processing scenes is faster for large models.

Learn more about the new version of SU Podium in the following series of training videos.


SU Podium 2.6 is compatible with SketchUp 2017, 2018 and 2019. If you want to try the software, you can download a trial version here.

Convinced of the possibilities? Please check your upgrade options here..

If you don't want to upgrade, then you can download an update here which will make SU Podium 2.5 compatible with M2.

Happy rendering!

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