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New at Design8: Kubity!

New at Design8: Kubity!

Good news for all Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality fanatics: Kubity Pro is from now on officially available through Design8!

Why Kubity?

Kubity is the first mixed reality platform for SketchUp Pro! Virtual and Augmented Reality combined in one user-friendly and affordable application. With Kubity you can share your SketchUp Pro models easily with your customers. The models can be viewed through the Kubity website, desktop application or mobile app. Headsets as the Cardboard, GearVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are supported. Key features of Kubity Pro are:
  • Virtual Reality - View 3D models from SketchUp Pro or Revit with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift through Kubity desktop application;
  • Augmented Reality - Overlay a 3D model in a real world environment by using the camera of your phone / tablet;
  • Panorama - Explore your 3D model as a panorama with the Google Cardboard, GearVR or other mobile VR set;
  • Cinematic Tour - Fly through your model with pre-set scenes automatically imported from SketchUp;
  • First-Person Perspective - Explore 3D models from a first person point-of-view;
  • Share - As soon as the model is ready in Kubity, you can share it with everyone with a unique link or QR code;
  • And much more…

Read more about Kubity.


If you are already interested in buying or demoing Kubity for SketchUp, please click one of the buttons below for a demo download or a map with resellers in your neighborhood.

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