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New! SharkCAD v10: more tools and more speed

A new version of Shark in a new jacket: SharkCAD (Pro) v10 is available for download as from today and offers you more tools, more speed and more compatibility.

What's New in SharkCAD v10

SharkCAD v10 adds a variety of new features that improves performance, productivity and versatility:

New Name
  • Shark FX is now named SharkCAD Pro
  • Shark LT is now named SharkCAD

New Tools

  • Magnet Tool (video)
  • Pocket Hole (video)
  • Repair Profile
  • 3D Print Tool Palette
  • Mesh Subdivision Tools (PRO)

Tool Enhancements

  • Mesh Symmetry (video)
  • Updated Bill of Materials
  • Thumbweight Blending (video) (PRO)


  • Rapid Render Wood
  • KeyShot Live Linking (video)


  • SketchUp Export
  • SketchUp 2017 Import
  • 3D PDF Export (video)
  • Updated Neutral Translators (IGES, STEP, SAT, SAB)
  • Updated Native PC Translators (SolidWorks, NX, SolidEdge, CATIA, ProE, ParaSolids)
  User Interface
  • Infinite Plane Resizing (video)
  • Assign commands to right button (video)
  • Right Click Change Pen Width
  • Right Click Change Pen Pattern
  • Enhanced Gripper Tool
  • Enhanced Selections
  • Snap to solid
  • Recall Backups
  • Paste original layer
  • International Language Selection (work in progress)

2D Drawings

  • Dynamic Zoom/Pan in Draw Views
  • Show/hide layers in Draw Views


  • Updated ACIS Modeling Kernel
  • Improved Repaint Performance
  • Multi-threaded facetting (faster mesh regenerations)
  • Multi-threaded Translators (STEP, IGES, SAB)

Try & Buy

Click here to download SharkCAD (Pro) v10 and give this new version a try! Convinced of the possibilities? Place your order in our webshop and you will be modeling with SharkCAD (Pro) v10 tomorrow!

Happy Modeling with SharkCAD (Pro) v10!

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