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New: Twinmotion 2018 with Unreal Engine!

Design8 bv is pleased to announce you the newest version of Twinmotion, Twinmotion 2018!

New Features and Enhancements

Now on Mac!
Thanks to a new rendering engine, Twinmotion is now fully compatible with Mac!*
* Do pay attention to the considerable hardware specifications

Unreal Render Engine*

  • Better quality and faster performance
  • Beautiful materials
  • Beautiful objects
  • Beautiful effects

* Please note: Twinmotion 2018 will not open projects from earlier versions

Object Animation
Make your doors, windows and fences turn or slide open for you.

Hear footsteps and conversations of people in the scene, the whistling of birds, rain, alarms, street musicians and more. Even your own footsteps can be heard and can vary, depending on the surface you are walking on.

Create the Weather
Weather effects such as snow and rain have become increasingly realistic. Rain and snow are particles and interact with the scene, rain causes splashes where they land.

Bring in any map and create a 3D city
The maps-functionality is back and even offers the option to import 3D buildings to form a context. The buildings show up as white masses in your presentation so as to emphasize your design!

Compatible with the latest VR-goggles
Such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Make 360 degree panoramas and videos
View a recorded 360 degree movie interactively.

Stick decals on your design, for example manholes, lane-stripes, zebra paths or graffiti.

Realtime Synchronization with ArchiCAD & Revit

Free Upgrade?

Everyone who bought Twinmotion after June 6, 2017, is entitled for a free upgrade to Twinmotion 2018. If you qualify for this free upgrade, please contact your reseller and you will be up-to-date as soon as possible!

Try & Buy

Click here to download a 20-day trial of Twinmotion 2018 and be amazed by the possibilities! Convinced? Click here to see a map of resellers that can perfectly be at your service and you will be creating the most incredible visualizations tomorrow!

Happy Animating!

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