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KeyShot 7 officially released!

Design8 is excited to announce the newest release of KeyShot, KeyShot version 7!

KeyShot 7 Features

KeyShot 7 includes the following new features and enhancements:
  • New Material Types
    • A new Cloudy Plastic material for simulating materials as Polycarbonate and ABS;
    • Measured Material type for loading predefined material files in .axf or .xml format.
  • Material Enhancements
    • Better looking refractive materials;
    • Scientifically accurate presets with the Metal material;
    • More options when using the Metallic Paint;
    • More accurate translucency settings resulting in more realistic skin material;
    • More options to achieve better sketch-like effects when using the Toon material.
  • Multi-Material (Pro only!)
    Apply multiple materials to the same object, making it easy to switch between different material combinations.
  • Video Map Textures (Pro only!)
    Use video files in order to create animated textures.
  • Panoramic Camera
    With the new Panoramic Lens Settings, you can now render spherical- and cube-maps for VR. It’s also possible to use these Spherical maps as HDR-environments inside KeyShot.
  • VR Headset Support
    Create renders that can be viewed using VR-Headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • Configurator (Pro only!)
    The brand new KeyShot Configurator is a great and innovative tool for interactive and real-time product presentations.
  • Many more new features and updates...
    Click here to see the complete list of new features and updates.

Try & Buy

Click here to go to the KeyShot download section and give the new version of KeyShot a try! Convinced of the possibilities? Buy your (upgrade) license in our webshop today and you will be rendering with KeyShot 7 as soon as possible!

Click here for the most recent prices of KeyShot 7.

Happy Rendering!

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