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SketchUp Pro 2018: work that makes you proud

SketchUp Pro 2018 is here! With this release, SketchUp Pro offers you several improved tools to make SketchUp Pro even easier and better than it already was.

SketchUp Pro - New Features

  • Smarter Sections
    • Filled Section Cuts;
    • Section planes have names and symbols, making them easy to find, organize, and edit;
    • Section planes are now an entity in SketchUp Pro: search for them in the Outliner, group them and control visibility at the Layers panel.

  • Exchange Information
    • Components now feature attribute fields like price, size, URL, owner and status;
    • Aggregated Reports: 'Generate Report' now aggregates component data so you can do things like configure reports to sum parts and quantities for schedules and cutlists, or create detailed estimates by adding up prices by layer;
    • BIM: improved IFC export to collaborate even beter with other 3D applications.

  • And much more
    • Draw rectangles from its centre, just like polygons and circles;
    • STL import and export for 3D printing;
    • Anti-aliasing on Mac;
    • Improved upgrade: settings and preferences will be taken over from an older version.

LayOut - New Features

  • Scaled vector drawings: no more recalculating, select the scale and draw 1:1 on A4 format for example;
  • Direct DWG import;
  • Editing groups works the same as in SketchUp, so the visibility of the rest fades away temporarily;
  • Accuracy until 6 digits behind the comma;
  • Multi Viewport: display a dimension between 2 views of the same design;
  • Label information will also show the new advanced attributes;
  • Lock entities for better control over the document;
  • Improved drawing tools.



Users with a valid Maintenance
Everyone who has an active SketchUp Pro Maintenance, will receive a free upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2018! Please contact your reseller for obtaining your new license. But, please also have some patience. The 30 day trial will do for your first work in SketchUp Pro and within that period you will receive your new license codes.

Users with an expired Maintenance (until 3 years)
Users with an expired Maintenance (until 3 years) can upgrade as well. They will need to purchase maintenance and pay an extra compensation for the period without having Maintenance. Please see this page for the actual pricing.

Users with an expired Maintenance (more than 3 years)
If you have a Maintenance expired more than 3 years, you can no longer renew your Maintenance and need to buy a new license. Please see this page for the actual pricing.


Click here for the most recent pricing.

More Info

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