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User Case: Pim van den Broek

The public garden 'Domela Nieuwenhuis' in Amsterdam is a piece of wasteland where the Magdelena Church by Pierre Cuypers has stood. This parcel is under discussion within the municipality, because they want to develop it. The citizens had participation in this project, but that did not result in some good ideas according to the municipality. We had some space in our schedule and asked both parties about the possibilities of a landmark which should revert to the old church, but in a modern design and with a modern function. We wanted to give a fresh idea to the existing alternatives for this location.

Why Twinmotion?

Twinmotion enables you to quickly produce a clear image of the concept. Both visualisations and animations could be realised quickly. The 'Domela Nieuwenhuis' project is an example of an idea that has resulted in a very fast image formation in which all parties were given a clear idea of the possibilities of the space. This has been a process of two days, from the first idea until the final renderings and animations.

Advantages and disadvantages

The software is very intuitive and reacts directly; you will see the direct result of adjustments, so you will get a clear impression of the final visual or animation. The speed is a little bit at the expense of the quality of the final rendering, if you compare it with renderers like V-Ray and Octane. But this little loss of quality could be compensated with some post-processing, so that the visuals will give a very strong impression of the idea. My experience is that customers would like to see adjustments during the visualisation proces and want to see the results of these changes immediately. Time is essential, also to their clients, project developers and parties like the advisory board.

From the industry, we also see an increase in the need for more sketchy artist impressions; atmospheric impressions instead of ultra-realistic representations. Additionally you will see a lot of progress in each upgrade of the application, so that the image you will have won't be far from the reality, although you are dealing with real-time visualisation. This saves a lot of time.

Buy from a local distributor

For a short time, it is possible to purchase the software from Design8. This is good because you can have direct contact with a party in your own country and own language. We previously bought the software diretly through the developer, but we saw some delays in the communication. This has been resolved with a distributor in the Netherlands. The purchase of the upgrade went like a charm. We had contact and result directly, just like we do with our own customers!

About Pim van den Broek

Since 11 years, Pim van den Broek is specialised in design and visualisation. The activities have a particular focus on visualisations and animations for (building) projects where ideas must be successfully communicated to various parties during the different stages of the sales and development process. Additionally, our work is expanding in the field of standbuilding, graphic design and web design.

Pim van den Broek Visualisatie en Vormgeving
Zaanstraat 117
1013 RW Amsterdam (NL)
+31(0)6 18 65 09 60

Dutch-NetherlandsEnglish (United Kingdom)
Windows 7 - 10 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.12 - 10.13

Intel i7 3GHz or higher
16GB RAM or higher
8 GB Video Card or higher

Complete system requirements can be read here.

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8 Simple Steps

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