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Fully integrated render plug-in for SketchUp Pro.

Render[in] is a fully-integrated, real-time radiosity rendering engine developed for SketchUp Free and Pro. Render[in] is fast, easy to use, and works with all the same SketchUp settings, like geometry, camera, sun, colors, textures, etc. You can also add your own specific settings like specular reflection, point lights, spotlights, and 3D sky and clouds. After that, you only have to press 'Render'!

With Render[in] you can:

  • Quickly create a high definition rendering with no size limitation;
  • Quickly create interactive 360 degree panoramas (iVisit360) for use on web, tablet and mobile phone;
  • Use existing SketchUp parameters and add new ones;
  • Create a photo-realistic project environment (water, sand, grass) and a 3D sky with clouds;
  • Create artificial light sources;
  • See the final result in a real-time radiosity preview window.

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Now Available
Windows 7 - 10
Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.12

Intel i7 4Core 3GHz or higher
16GB RAM or higher
2 GB Video Card (OpenGL)

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Render[in] has got an advice selling price of:

€ 149,-

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