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New in KeyShot 7 (2-8-2017)

  • New Material Types
    • A new Cloudy Plastic material for simulating materials as Polycarbonate and ABS;
    • Measured Material type for loading predefined material files in .axf or .xml format.
  • Material Enhancements
    • Better looking refractive materials;
    • Scientifically accurate presets with the Metal material;
    • More options when using the Metallic Paint;
    • More accurate translucency settings resulting in more realistic skin material;
    • More options to achieve better sketch-like effects when using the Toon material.
  • Multi-Material (Pro only!)
    Apply multiple materials to the same object, making it easy to switch between different material combinations.
  • Workspaces
    Modify the Keyshot interface by selecting built-in presets or by creating custom workspaces.
  • Texture Mapping
    The texture mapping system has been completely revamped with the addition of improved widgets and better planar mapping options.
  • Video Map Textures (Pro only!)
    Use video files in order to create animated textures.
  • Panoramic Camera
    With the new Panoramic Lens Settings, you can now render spherical- and cube-maps for VR. It’s also possible to use these Spherical maps as HDR-environments inside KeyShot.
  • VR Headset Support
    Create renders that can be viewed using VR-Headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • Custom Hotkeys
    You can now configure your own hotkeys.
  • Configurator (Pro only!)
    The brand new KeyShot Configurator is a great and innovative tool for interactive and real-time product presentations.
  • Studios (Pro only!)
    You can now create and save large project variations without needing to save extra keyshot-files. These variations include changes to the Scene, Environments, Model Sets and Multi-Materials.
  • Re-Tessellate (Pro only!)
    It is now possible to adjust the tessellation of your Nurbs models without needing to re-import your models.
  • Environment List
    Save an Environment including its environment settings, making it easier to adjust and reset the settings.
  • HDRI Editor (Pro only!)
    • Better integration: Instead of using a separate window, the HDRI editor is now fully integrated into the KeyShot interface, providing a much smoother workflow;
    • More features: You will now have finer control over your custom HDRI’s, with additions such as EXR support, gradient pins and interactive Sun & Sky.
  • Deformation Animation Support (Pro only!)
    Importing Alembic cache files: You can now import .ABC files, allowing you to view animations in real-time and render them as video files.
  • All New Network Rendering (Add-On!)
    The Network Rendering system in KeyShot 7 has been completely rewritten.
  • And much more:
    • Improved First Person Camera
    • Improved 3Dconnexion support
    • FBX Export
    • Material Template Improvements
    • Selective NURBS Rendering
    • New Render Passes
    • Improved Absolute Camera Controls
    • Support for co-planar surfaces with layering of objects determined by Scene Tree structure
    • Improved Flatten Ground
    • Real-time Rendering Samples Cap
    • Set Default Startup Scene
    • Set Target - Camera Path Animation
    • Environment - Occlusion Ground shadows
    • Isolate Materials to Selection
    • Copy/Paste Position

    New in KeyShot 6 (13-11-2015)

    • Improved Workflow Eficiency
      • Lighting Presets provide pre-configured settings for six different light modes, including Performance, Basic, Interior, Full Simulation and Custom.
      • Real-time Region Rendering (Pro only) to render only the region enclosed by the bounding box.
      • Save Active Scene Set (Pro only) to share them with users of KeyShot HD that do not have direct access to Scene Sets.
      • Multi-Layer PSD (Pro only) for exporting Photoshop files with Render Passes and Render Layers as individual layers.
      • Lock Scene Tree Items to prevent selected models, parts and animations from being edited
      • Move Tool Updated with an easier to use widget.
    • Expanded Material Features
      • Materials on Labels for a true physical appearance of labels.
      • Material Graph (Pro only) to visualize connections and realtionships within complex materials.
      • Occlusion Procedural for the addition of proximity based shading on a material.
      • Material Animation (Pro + Animation only) to animate materials through the material graph.
    • New Capabilities
      • Scripting Console (Pro only) for automating several render tasks.
      • Geometry Editor (Pro only) for splitting surfaces, calculating vertex normals and closing open boundaries directly inside the OpenGL view.
      • First Person View provides a new way to explore your scene, especially useful for interior and architectural scenes.
      • Shift Lens for aligning verticals in a scene.
    • Add-In Improvements
      • Several improvements to KeyShot Animation, including Rotation Helper Objects, Camera Path Animation (Pro), Camera Depth Of Field Animation, Camera Field of View Animation and Panorama Camera Animation. KeyShot Animation is no longer available as an add-on, because it is now included in KeyShot Pro!
      • Several improvements to KeyShotVR, including Interior KeyShotVR, Preserved Image Quality and Responsive KeyShotVR.
    • Many more new features and updates...
      • Unlimited Resolution
      • Redo function
      • Save reminder notification
      • LiveLinking improvements
      • Comprehensive tool tips
      • Add Camera/Viewset buttons on ribbon
      • Updated import options
      • GUI license Manager for Mac
      • Normal projection for textures
      • Opacity mapping improvements
      • Cylindrical mapping improvements
      • Updated render dialog
      • Resolution presets
      • Scene tree filter and search
      • Add scene sets to render queue (Pro)
      • Compression for .HDZ files (Pro)
      • Select parts by animation (Animation add-on)
      • Network rendering email notification (NR)
      • Automatic database migration (NR)
      • Vignetting color

    New in KeyShot 5 (29-05-2015)

    • KeyShot Cloud
      Share and download your most loved KeyShot resources. The KeyShot Cloud is the online library where you can download new resources, and share your own custom assets. Opening the KeyShot Cloud enables easy drag-and-drop downloading of new resources into your local KeyShot Library, and quick search features and filters to find the perfect resources for your scene.
    • Instancing
      Duplicate parts in KeyShot and on Import without increasing file size. Instancing of parts is available within KeyShot as a Pattern tool and completely automated in select KeyShot plugins. All instances can be treated separately for quick appearance studies or linked to apply materials quickly, but will all update when LiveLinking or update geometry is used.
    • Fade Animation
      Quickly apply an animation that fades parts from one opacity level to another. Adjust opacity of parts and groups on-the-fly and see it update in real-time as animations are built.
    • NURBS Ray-tracing (Pro only)
      NURBS data import from your favorite modeling system delivers accurate geometry with smoother edges. NURBS ray-tracing allows the rendering of imported NURBS data within KeyShot. The advantage is crisper visuals and smaller file sizes over data imported as triangle that can display edges and gaps on close detail shots. NURBS import is currently available for Creo, CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks, NX, STEP, IGES, Parasolid and ALIAS.
    • Sun & Sky System (Pro only)
      A new Sun & Sky system for automatic creation of physically accurate geographic lighting. Preset resolutions and locations together with day selection, time and turbidity sliders allow the creation of unlimited daylight scenarios.
    • User Interface Enhancements
      • Updated user interface
      • Welcome screen
      • Ribbon toolbar
      • Favorites tab
      • Material display
    • Rendering Enhancements
      • Retain textures/labels
      • Six new procedurals
      • Image editing
      • Performance Improvements
    • Animation Enhancements
      • Motion blur
      • Animation properties
      • Camera switch events
    • Pro Features
      • Perspective matching
      • Scene sets
      • ZPR/STL output
      • HDRI Editor update
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