Extra functions in Studio

Check out what extra functionality Artlantis Studio has to offer to you on top of Artlantis Render!

Twinlinker - Interactive Panoramas

Twinlinker is an innovative and easy way to present panoramas of your projects online or on a tablet / mobile phone. Your project can easily be shared within 3 steps:
  • Import your media (panoramas, images and videos) to Twinlinker
  • Create virtual visits by linking these media and enriching them with images and videos
  • Share your project by sending an email to your contacts or by publishing it on your website


The direct combination of object animation and camera displacement allows a complete and scripted exploration of the entire virtual space made with your rendering software.

The atmosphere effects, the realism of the shaders and evolutionary objects, the script development of the lighting sources themselves, every component of a scene set in still images can become a subject of exploration and presentation of your project in its entire spatial environment.

Once the scenario is set in real time preview, your movie will be computed in final render in the format of your choice (.jpg, .tga, .mov, or .avi depending on the platform).

You can only get transported by how easy it is to define your timeline graphically, to synchronize displacements, to adjust convergences or breaking effects, luminous illusions, realistic lightings or seasons simulations.


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Artlantis 7

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Windows 7 - 10
Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.12

Intel i7 4Core 3GHz or higher
16GB RAM or higher
2 GB Video Card (OpenGL)

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