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MODO 12.1 is here!

June 21, 2018

Modo 12.1 is available for download now. The update for this high-end SubD modeler contains the following improvements:

  • Integrated VR viewport - Tools focused on scene Layout and design review.
  • Animation - Enhancing the ability to reuse animation data and workflow improvements streamlining the animation experience in Modo.
  • Procedural Modelling - Continuing to expand the capabilities of the procedural toolset to enhance the development of iterative workflows and assembly creation.
  • Direct modelling - Significantly improved Vertex Normal Workflow for real time asset creation.
  • UI Improvements - More discoverable and Single Layout Workflow.
  • Rendering and Rigging - AVP now handles much more complex material setups and additional enhancements to Curve Particle Generator for stitching workflows.
  • UV tools and MeshFusion - Faster, more accurate, and more controllable Packing.


Modo 12.1 is available as a free update for all users of Modo 12. To update your Modo 12 to 12.1, please go to our download section and download the latest version there.

If you are new to Modo (12.1), you can also download a free trial for evaluation. If you are excited about Modo 12.1, you can obtain your (upgrade) license for Modo 12.1 through our webshop.

Happy Modeling!

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