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Artlantis 6 officially released

Artlantis 6 has got a brand new render engine and offers lots of improvements to light & neon, site insertion, media and more...

Brand New Render Engine

To create stunning images, Artlantis 6 now includes a brand new built-in physical engine, emphasizing physical rendering quality, precision, material accuracy and energy consumption.
  • Pre-Settings
    Ability to choose between different pre-set modes (indoor, outdoor, etc.) and diferent definitions (speed, medium, quality) to quickly set up for the best results!
  • White Model
    White model rendering changes all surfaces into white except for those that are tranparent.
  • White Balance
    Adjust the dominant color of a scene to the ambient lighting.
  • Ambient Occlusion
    Display a global ambient occlusion to create virtual shadows in small areas where natural light doesn’t go. It brings more depth and relief to both interior and exterior scenes

Lights & Neon

  • IES Profiles
    Artlantis 6 offers 8 IES pre-set profiles and the ability to import downloaded IES profiles from the manufacturers' websites. IES files are used to simulate realistic illumination in projects. The lights can still be edited in brightness, color, direction and opening angle.
  • Improved Neon
    Neon lighting has been completely updated with considerable gains in terms of quality and calculation speed.

Site Insertion

Site insertion has been renewed and made easier to use. A new feature is the integrated alpha mask editor, to add transparency to a foreground image directly in Artlantis to enhance the quality of the site insertion.

Laser Projection

Objects can easily be aligned by the laser projection function. By clicking on the reference plane, you can define the exact position and orientation of a laser beam.

Catalog & Media

  • Easier access to the Artlantis Media Store;
  • Customize the calatog by adding custom folders from Level II of the catalog;
  • New display features for viewing the latest media used, shaders and objects in the scene, or those added to the selection;
  • Drop media from a selection randomly into a scene by repeating clicks.

And more...

  • Preview interactively navigates in block display or surface display, with or without automatic switches in OpenGL. OpenGL is displayed in color, hidden line, wireframe or a combination.
  • Search fields to search for a specific name, in all inspectors.
  • The display filter can be used to find a material of an object quickly.
  • The new KeyServer App can automatically start on Mac and run on Windows as a service.
  • When creating an object, it is now easy to define its orientation in the project.
  • Artlantis 6 supports Retina displays on Mac OS for a better display of projects.
  • Artlantis 6 features automatic back-up.
  • A new vignette effect is available in post-processing.

Download Artlantis 6

Artlantis 6 can be downloaded as a trial version, which is valid for 30 days. After that you can authorize the program with a license code. You can download Artlantis 6 here.


If you are convinced by the possibilities of Artlantis v6, you can order your v6 license through one of our resellers.

Happy Rendering!

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