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About LayOut

LayOut is a tool for SketchUp Pro that makes it easy to build professional design presentations of your SketchUp Models.

LayOut lets you place, arrange, title and annotate SketchUp models, photos and other design elements to assemble a presentation on screen as well as print!

Working with SketchUp files

SketchUp files can be placed directly into Layout. And because it is linked, your LayOut presentation changes when you change the original file.

You can place your model on one page as often as you want, which allows you (together with scaling) to create technical documentation.


Working in scale

You can place SketchUp models in LayOut and view and print them exactly in scale (for example 1:50 or even 1:1000).

Editing your presentation

LayOut allows you to edit your presentation by adding text, dimensions, images, photos and other design elements to it.

It is very simple to add text to your presentation. You have full control over the position, the font and the color the text. You can even choose to create bounded and unbounded text.

To make working documents you can add dimensions to your SketchUp model, like length and the angle of a corner.

Pattern Fills
Fill shapes in LayOut with hatching and other patterns.

An unique label tool to quickly create callouts with text.

Working with templates
Make your presentation consistent by setting up a template with your organisation's identity complete with logo's, cover page and colors!

Output of LayOut

LayOut has got several sorts of output:
  • Presentations in full-screen mode with your mouse as an annotation tool! So you never have to use PowerPoint or KeyNote again to make an astonishing presentation. You can use your extra time for your designs!
  • Presentations on paper in high-resolution! LayOut can print your presentation at whatever resolution you need: high-resolution for small design packets or lower for posters and boards. And to share your presentation digitally LayOut lets you export to PDF.
  • LayOut includes direct export of the image formats JPEG and PNG. So you don't need Photoshop or any other photo-editing package to rasterize your PDFs.
  • Communicate your LayOut documents with the professionals in your industry. LayOut supports the export of DWG and DXF.


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2.4+ GHz Processor
3D Videocard 1+ GB *

* nVidia cards recommended

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