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Why go Pro?

Here are some reasons to choose for the for Pro in stead of the free version (SketchUp Free):
  • Only Pro is allowed for professional and commercial usage;
  • Only Pro has LayOut, so that you can present your SketchUp design in a professional way;
  • Only Pro has StyleBuilder, so that you can create your own personal drawing style;
  • Only Pro has the ability to create Dynamic Components;
  • Only Pro has got Solid Modeling Tools;
  • Only Pro has the ability to create tabular reports of the content of your SketchUp model;
  • Only Pro has all the exporters needed to communicate drawings with professionals in your industry;
  • Only Pro runs in a network environment;
  • Only Pro has our dedicated support

In the comparison matrix you will see the complete overview of the differences between the free and the pro version.

Comparison matrix

Comparison SketchUp Free SketchUp Pro

Price excl. VAT
Free € 636,-

Allowed Usage
Personal Commercial

  • Email/telephone support
  • Online Help Center, Video Tutorials and Groups

3D Modeling
  • Create custom intelligent components
  • Using all of SU's simple powerful tools
  • Solid Modeling: Union, intersect, subtract, split and trim volumes

BIM Tools
  • Tag geometry with industry-standard object types
  • IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes) export incl. 3D geometry and metadata
  • IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes) import

  • Generate reports (xml, csv) of all named entities with associated attributes

Exporting and importing
  • Import and Export of COLLADA (DAE) and KML
  • Import and Export of 3D models and 2D graphics (DWG,DXF,3DS, JPEG, PNG, etc.)

Documentation & Presentation
  • Create large-format, multi-page design documents
  • Link, update and embed SketchUp models in 2D presentations to keep changes synchronized
  • Share multi-page documents with clients in PDF, print, raster image or Presentation mode
  • Present SketchUp models in live, full-screen presentations
  • Create scene-based animations for dynamic fly-through presentations

  • High-quality printing including vector, raster and hybrid rendering modes
  • Print on any sheet size, icluding large-format
  • Print multi-page documents
  • Print single-page views of your SketchUp models

  • Create custom edge treatments for styles
  • Edit and share styles

3D Warehouse Integration
  • Find, share and store pre-built components in the 3D Warehouse

Google Earth Integration
  • Include real world context for your models, including aerial photos and terrain, from Google Earth
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New Extension

Kubity Pro
Virtual and Augmented Reality combined in one user-friendly and affordable application!

Free vs. Pro
Windows 7 - 10
Mac OS X 10.11 - 10.13
64 Bit ONLY
WebGL Compatible Browser

2.4+ GHz Processor
3D Videocard 1+ GB *

* nVidia cards recommended

Not sure if SketchUp will run on your computer?
Download the System CheckUp Tool here.

Buy & Pricing
SketchUp Pro has got an advice selling price of:

€ 636,-

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