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SketchUp Pro Functions

Drawing with a pencil

SketchUp is based on the old-fashioned pencil. With the pencil you are free to draw lines and forms in 2D and 3D. The smart drawing-assistant appoints you on which axe you are drawing and if you are on the mid- or endpoint of a line or surface.

Push/Pull Extrusion

With this tool you can drag a surface upwards and downwards to create 3D shapes! There is no easier way to create 3D shapes!

Follow Me Extrusion

Drag a surface into the third dimension by following the contours of a surface or a path!

Solid Modeling Tools

With the solid modeling tools in SketchUp Pro you can make a new volume out of two or more other volumes, like:

  • Union: add together two or more shapes;
  • Intersect: make a new shape out of the bits that overlap, while deleting everything else;
  • Subtract: turn a shape into a 3D cookie cutter and use it to slice and dice any other solid;
  • Trim: tell one shape to take a bite out of the other, without deleting the first shape;
  • Split: make a new shape out of the bits that overlap, while keeping everything else

BIM Tools

  • BIM Classifier: Tag geometry with industry-standard object types (walls, slabs, roofs, etc.) and improve its compatibility with other BIM tools.
  • IFC Export: Export an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file, wrapping up your model with 3D geometry and valuable metadata for use in another BIM application.
  • IFC Import: possibility to import IFC files from other BIM application.

3D Warehouse

SketchUp Pro contains a simple drag-and-drop component browser in which you can find any 3D object you can think of.

Extension Warehouse

If you are looking for a special tool, you can find it here. The Extension Warehouse is a browser with which you can directly add extensions to SketchUp Pro. It works as easy as installing apps on your smartphone.

Dynamic components

With SketchUp Pro you can easily make components. You can make static components just by drawing it and dynamic components by using the Component Attributes dialog box, which is similar to a two-column spreadsheet.


Shadow Settings

With just one simple mouse click you can show shadows on your model. These shadows are dependent on:

  • Place
  • Orientation
  • Date
  • Time

By dragging a slide bar you can follow the shadow from moment to moment!

Tabular reports

Create tabular reports of your SketchUp model!


With LayOut you can place SketchUp models in a template in different points of view. You can edit the drawing by placing text, images and other graphical elements like arrows and circles. You can make several pages to present your model on print and screen!


Convert hand-drawn lines into SketchUp-lines. In this way you can present SketchUp models in your own style!

Photo Match

Create a 3D model by tracing a 2D photo or place a 3D model into a photograph. With Photo Match you can align lines on the photo to the axes of SketchUp Pro. Photo Match calculates the right camera position and the view angle to edit it on the photo.


Use images as your background, like a sky or a skyline. But, it is also possible to use images as a foreground, like a logo. You can use it to watermark your drawing as it is confidential. You have control over transparency, position, repeatedly and scale.


Place fog in your model to create an atmosphere or depth. You have the control over the depth, tranparency, color and transation to create your own atmosphere!


3D Text

Put in your text and drag it into 3D or use it as 2D with the contours of the text.


You can present your SketchUp model in a movie. Simply select all the views you want to show and make scenes of these, so that the camera can fly from scene to scene (very smooth!). By exporting it to AVI (Windows) or QuickTime (Mac) your SketchUp model can be viewed on every computer!



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Free vs. Pro
Windows 7 - 10
Mac OS X 10.11 - 10.13
64 Bit ONLY
WebGL Compatible Browser

2.4+ GHz Processor
3D Videocard 1+ GB *

* nVidia cards recommended

Not sure if SketchUp will run on your computer?
Download the System CheckUp Tool here.

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€ 636,-

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