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Progresso Coffee
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Development of the Progresso Mobile

Progresso Coffee is a start-up company by students of the Delft University of Technology and Leiden University of Applied Sciences. They are developing a mobile coffee machine, the Progresso Mobile. The product is in development since 2013 and has been reviewed technically for several times. Most of these reviews has been done with CAD applications like SharkCAD Pro and SolidWorks, with which a lot of work has been done in the developing stage of this coffee machine.

CAD design done with SharkCAD Pro

To bring the product in the spotlights, the Progresso Mobile has been submitted for several design awards, and with success! The look and feel of the product are, besides its technical compatibilities, a few of the key features of this product. It is a combination of the right shapes with the right materials. To create the look and feel, Progresso used KeyShot for all of their photorealistic renderings.

Photorealistic rendering with KeyShot

"Because of the combination of CAD programs like SharkCAD Pro and the rendering application KeyShot, you are able to create unique product concepts without losing valuable time and money. You can make the right combination of technical solutions fit into a stylish design quickly.", said Alexander Hoogerwerf, director of Progresso Coffee.

Photorealistic rendering with KeyShot

At this moment (2016), the Progresso Mobile is in the final stage of its development, before it will be taken into production. For this, some crowdfunding campaigns will be launched, so that prospects can pre-order the Progresso Mobile. Updates about the Progresso Mobile can be found on their website and their Facebook page.

2D Technical Drawings with SharkCAD Pro

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