User Case: Yirro-plus

SharkCAD Pro user Studio DenHartogMusch from Arnhem is an experienced design company that has been developing industrial products in several industries for over 20 years. In 2013, the duo decided to take a different course and developed not only a new product, but also created a complete brand experience and organized the supply and production of the Yirro-plus ®, an innovative self-cleaning mouth mirror. The designers developed the Yirro-plus ® using SharkCAD Pro and has worked with as many Dutch suppliers.

Through friendly dentists, the designers learned that the current mouth mirrors function just fine, but that the dentists always need to work with bad vision due to all cooling water splashes that splash their mirror. Unacceptable, according to the designers of Studio DenHartogMusch, after which they started a close collaboration with dentists to design an innovative dental mouth mirror which blows itself clean continuously. The system was introduced on the market in 2014 by DHM-Dental.

For designer Maarten den Hartog, SharkCAD Pro was an indispensable tool in the development process:

"Ease of use and functionality are crucial in this product. Tests were done in order to obtain the optimum dimensions and shape, with which subtle changes have been made continuously. After all, this was a simple job with the help of SharkCAD Pro, because all forms were linked. Any adjustment was immediately passed on in the final design and the new variant was easily made. Really a time saver!"


Dental instruments are under strict hygienic guidelines, which forces the Yirro-plus ® to be easily cleaned. That meant that the design had to be as smooth as possible and connect to each surface. With SharkCAD Pro, these smooth and continuous complex surfaces can be modeled easily. Besides that, surfaces can be combined into NURBS solids for further processing, such as the application of ribs and draft angles for the production.

NEW: In SharkCAD Pro is now SubD Modeling; This makes the creation of 100% fluent organic forms possible.


With the built-in photo rendering in SharkCAD Pro, interim photo renders of the result could be made. All marketing and packaging images of Yirro-plus ® were rendered with SharkCAD Pro. Maarten: "The renderer in SharkCAD Pro provide us some time: you edit the model and press Render. That's all!"

The technical drawings are also generated from SharkCAD Pro: Maarten: "My technical drawings are in the same SharkCAD Pro file and are linked to the model. If the model changes, the 2D drawing also changes, including sections, detailed views, dimensions and added annotations. Of course you should be careful with this and save every old version. But for us, SharkCAD Pro is an all-in-one application."


That SharkCAD Pro runs on a Mac is a major advantage. Pamela Musch: "With us, Mac is prefered for over 20 years. So it is nice that we can do everything on Mac, from modeling to rendering and illustration. For example, it is very easy to export 2D and 3D line drawing to Illustrator with SharkCAD Pro, which in turn is very useful to generate illustrations for the user manual. 3D NURBS modeling and co-ordinating the production is more Maarten's task. I am mainly concerned with the overall design, marketing communications and illustrations."

Now that SharkCAD Pro operates in 64 bit and runs 100% native on Mac, is a godsend for these designers.


A few versions ago, the Gripper was introduced in SharkCAD Pro. A fast and easy way to position and translate objects.

Maarten: "The Gripper makes it easy to align objects and copy them into the correct orientation. Previously, the situation was so complex sometimes, that you could be busy for more than half an hour with positioning your objects. With the Gripper, objects could be positioned easier and you can quickly see if they fit into each other and, for example are nestable or not."

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