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Studio DenHartogMusch - Yirro-plus

SharkCAD Pro user Studio DenHartogMusch from Arnhem is an experienced design company that has been developing industrial products in several industries for over 20 years. In 2013, the duo decided to take a different course and developed not only a new product, but also created a complete brand experience and organized the supply and production of the Yirro-plus ®, an innovative self-cleaning mouth mirror. The designers developed the Yirro-plus ® using SharkCAD and has worked with as many Dutch suppliers.

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Scope Design - Pager

Simon de Jong from Scope Design & Strategy BV has used SharkCAD Pro to import the engineering files of a new pager and to add materials, decals, lights and perspective to it.


This pager is built for Stanley and CLB Benelux. It is a handy appliance complete with video and sound, which can be used in hospitals or jail houses. It has got a emergency button, place of location and a double display.

In this case, Scope Design & Strategy BV used SharkCAD Pro for importing files and adding materials, decals, lights and perspective to it. Afterwards they used Photoshop to give it the finsishing touch with highlights, shadows and depth of sharpness.


Robert Beelen, Project Manager CLB: "The new messenger strengthens the identity of CLB and fits well in hospitals and jail houses."

Peter Moss, Product Manager Stanley:"The design team listened carefully to our thoughts on identity and users, and cooperated to get the design right."


Protonna uses SharkCAD for several purposes. Mainly it used for creating imagery for leaflets and their website. Protonna mainly uses features like:
  • Importing sent files
  • Calculating volumes
  • Calculating the center of gravity
  • Assembling components to complete products

SharkCAD Pro all over the world

We've selected a few examples of the use of SharkCAD Pro all over the world:

Designer: Gilles Brai
What: Fender Guitar
Where: France
Designer: Tony Gibbs
What: Re-creation of WW2 Army Vehicle
Where: England

Designer: Christopher Sikora
What: Medical implant device
Where: United States

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