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Brooks Running Company

After more than a century in the business and a history of turning out the best performing running shoes in the world, it would be an understatement to say the design standards at Brooks Running Company are quite high. Using Modo, the company can now create high-end 3D representations of its shoes, starting with the function and wrapping the aesthetics around it in a way it previously could never do.

Nick Martushev, Global Tooling Manager/3D Innovations Engineer-Brooks Running and Indra Gunasekara, Senior Footwear Designer-Brooks Running discuss how the shift from 2D and 3D enables them to push the boundaries of design, maintain their company’s impeccable reputation and save time, money and resources in the process.

DMAX Imaging

Creating high-end visualizations and animations for prestigious clients like Apple, Beats, Mini and Nest is no easy feat. San Francisco-based DMAX Imaging uses Modo's 3D content creation toolsets to create the amazing visuals for a wide range of campaigns.

McKay Hawkes, CGI Director at DMAX Imaging discusses the shift from traditional methods like product photography for stills campaigns to highly complex 3D animations based on actual CAD data. Learn how they have seen clients shift from being skeptical of CG to a growing industry-wide acceptance.

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